Elizabeth de Leon is majoring in English and Psychology and minoring in Creative Writing and Business Studies. She has a passion for poetry, coffee, and winter sunsets. She hopes to one day publish and edit the words of others and her own.

Stephan Drabeck is a transfer from Gallatin into the English program, where he is pursuing his love for the palpability of words. He strongly believes that language is the most prized and priceless of possessions, and highest of endeavors, because it enables a heightened sense of feeling. He can otherwise be found weeping to arias by the greatest soprano, the Greek Maria Callas.

Gina Elbert is majoring in English and Computer Science and minoring in French. Addicted to crosswords, she also expects to be supplied with books, cats, and warm hugs on a daily basis.

Annesha Sengupta is currently studying at English, Creative Writing, and Business studies at NYU. She edits the Minetta Review and nurses an obsession over dogs and cool volcanoes.

Mark Sologuren is studying Comparative Literature and Philosophy. He enjoys John Fahey, earth tones, and the little traumas in life.


Angela Wu is a graduate of NYU, where she studied English and Web Applications and Programming.

Mehak Khan is a graduate of NYU, where she studied English and Game Design.

Gabrielle Royal is a graduate of NYU.

Connor Spencer is a graduate of NYU.

Stephen Sutton is a graduate of NYU.

Smriti Bansal is majoring in English and minoring in Media, Culture and Communication. Bibliophile, indie music enthusiast and perpetual intern, she hopes to eventually work in the business of creating books.

Grega Ulen is studying Literature and Creative Writing and Arab Crossroads at NYU Abu Dhabi. He writes poetry, aspires one day to become a veritable polyglot, and doesn't believe in bad habits.

Shinji Moon is studying English, Journalism, and Creative Writing. She has recently published a book of poetry (The Anatomy of Being), and believes, above all, in words.